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02 July 2006 @ 21:45
Aspects Meme 31: Pregnant Girl for ariestess  
And here's the fourth entry written for my Aspects Meme

It's Sunday today and I'm really not sure I should be posting this today, but... ah well, it's ready...

This is written especially for ariestess because she asked for it, and for shatterpath because, well actually, just because :)

A couple of years ago I decided to give their wonderful LWM universe a try, and somehow became hooked. this is my first attempt at writing for it.

You two, I hope it's ok? And, if you can use it anywhere, please do.


Title: Hands Up 1/1
Author: mrswoman
Fandom: Dace/Sara/LWM and Dace/Catherine/LWM
For ariestess who asked for Aspect 31: Pregnant Girl, Dace from the LWM universe. (my "prompt" is to have you try your hand at Dace fisting Sara while pregnant, of course.)
Rating: definitely X (or that's what it was when I was a lass, is it 18 now?)
Words: 2147
Disclaimer: Love them, don’t own them, only doing it for my sanity.
Authors Notes: This is the first time I’ve tried to write anything for shatterpath and ariestess’s LWM universe. Also the first time I’ve tried to write anything so overtly X-Rated so please bear with me; I’ve tried to keep to the universe timeline and style, and tried my best at the other :)




Long warm fingers stroke firmly up my tight spine and I hear a gentle pop as she carefully leans all her weight down into my rigid vertebrae.

As I glance back over my shoulder and stare into the fathomless blue eyes of my masseuse I can’t help the smile that graces my lips. This coddling is all I’ve ever wanted.

If you’d told me a year ago that I’d be here, sharing a house with so many wonderful women, I’d have laughed in your face. Nobody but nobody as ever cared enough about Sara Sidle to want me. Yet, here we all are, in this large ranch we call home.

April last year, Monica convinced the FBI to fund a Sentinel’s Special Unit, and with Anastasia’s help found this large ranch on the outskirts of Vegas. Large enough for Catherine, Dace and Lindsay to have a wing of their own, with ample room for me to feel both a part of their unit, and able to live my life as I want. It’s become our home. Alex and Olivia have a large apartment on the upper floors, and Monica and Dana run the Institute and have an apartment adjacent. There’s also room for our extended family to pop in and out whenever the fancy takes them, Jo and Michael, Karen, Darya and the family, Kerry and Zo, even Art, Janet, Sam and their clan have been known to visit.

Blonde hair whispering over my shoulder and a warm breath on the nape of my neck pulls my mind back into the present.

“Relax Sara; this is going to be your night. Let me help get rid of some of that tension”

Her hands push roughly into my Glutes and I groan in protest, earning a chuckle from above.

I turn and whisper, “Why’re you doing this, Catherine?”

Suddenly, a small breeze crosses the room, and a door opens and closes carefully. Immediately I feel the presence of her.


Sara’s words surprise me but before I can answer I feel my beloved drawing near. Holding Sara’s gaze I see the moment she realizes Dace has joined us; the look in her eyes, the adoration she feels for my ‘one’ always amazes me, and I don’t feel the jealousy that has always plagued my previous attempts at relationships. How can I be jealous when I know that whoever Dace sleeps with, whoever she loves, and I know she adores this complex brunette trapped between my straddling thighs, my beautiful cougar will always return to me.

Pushing Sara firmly back into the bedspread I reach for Michael’s ‘lube’ and massage it gently between Sara’s now quivering thighs; Dace always has this effect on her and tonight is their time. Smiling at my lover I indicate the bottle and she nods. Unspoken words tell me she wants to watch me coddle Sara a while longer.

The intensity of Dace’s gaze on both of us, and my patented massage, warms the room. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned from Tessa, some of it in desperate need to help heal the strong woman leaning against the door frame, and some of it for my own benefit; I needed some outlet, some reason, other than Dace, to help this unit. Somehow, my touch is it.

Sara sighs and I know she’s ready. I lean forward and whisper in her ear something it’s taken me over a year to admit.

“I’m doing this because I love you, Sara Sidle. Whatever happens elsewhere you’re a part of *my* family and Dace needs you.”

Gently kissing her neck, I whisper three more words, “*I* need you.“

Then I climb off the bed and wander towards my woman.


I can’t help the grin that spreads across my face at Cath’s words to Sara. I know they have this queer relationship at work; part respect, part jealousy. Hell, it’s a strong word but sometimes when you see them working together you’d think they hated each other. Yet, Catherine’s readily accepted Sara’s part in my life, and seemingly accepted Sara’s place in our home. I guess her words tonight prove she’s accepted Sara’s place in her own life too.

For some insane reason that makes me happy; in fact it nearly makes my family complete. Touching my belly, I know *that* completion is three months away, but for now, this is pretty damn near.

As Cath reaches me we lean into each other’s personal space and share the sort of kiss only two soulmates can share. Eventually, satiated for the moment with her essence, I lift my head to see Sara dreamily staring at us. I smile.

Catherine sinks to her knees and wraps her arms – just - around my ever expanding waist. I can’t help the chuckle that bubbles up as she whispers nonsensical words to my belly; to our three kittens growing safe inside. She carefully places a hand over two of the heartbeats, then rests her nose against the other. It’s amazing the connection we both already have with our children.

Suddenly, her intent changes and her amazing tongue brings me to a rapid, heart-stopping completion. Sagging heavily against the door, she laughs out loud as I mutter, “Hell, Cath, what was that for?”

“Now the edge is off dearest, you can concentrate on our girl over there.”

With that and another loving kiss, she hands me the bottle of lube, the key for the door, and then turns on her heels and leaves.


Dace watches Catherine leave the room, and her eyes glaze over with the love she feels. Minutes pass as that strong woman regains her center. She locks the door, turns around, and suddenly, the room is filled with a low growl, and I know my turn has come. The shock that shoots through my pussy at the noise is a feeling that Dace has groomed so lovingly over the past year.

Cath’s massage may have loosened me up, but the sound of my mistress, and the gleam in her eyes is all I need to get the juices flowing freely. God I love this woman.

She stalks over towards the bed and rolls me over, then straddles my hips purposely. I’d never let Daddy hear this thought, she’s taught me well enough for that, but inside I smile at the feline grace this woman manages despite being heavy with the triplets growing inside her.

I’ve been dripping with anticipation of tonight since yesterday, when Catherine took me to one side and muttered, “Dace needs to fuck you and quickly. “

I nearly dropped through the floor, when she qualified it further. “Hell, Sara, she’s fucking driving me crazy at the moment. Candace Bogart needs to fist you over her lap or I’m going to go up the wall. So, get your ass in gear tomorrow night, or… I’m giving you paperwork for a week.”

What’s a girl to do?

As if by magic, Dace is now underneath me, and I’m straddling her expansive belly. She pulls me on top of her to plunge her tongue into my mouth. Rolling me to one side her tongue expertly plays my mouth as her fingers stroke out a first release of the night. I know I’m already soaked but she seems to need to coax more and more out of me, as I manage, is that the right word, two more mini explosions before she releases me from her thrall.

Drifting in a post-coital haze I hear her reach over to the night-stand and get something out of the drawer.

Unbelievably, my libido kicks up another gear as I hear the sound of a latex glove snapping into place.


My beautiful girl whimpers as I growl, “Now get your ass up here and don’t move till I say so.”

Positioning her carefully, I have her at right-angles to my hips, and lean her down so that her elbows and head rest gently to my left, and her sweet ass is up in the air to my right. I don’t want her arms collapsing on me because I know Sara well enough by now to know this is going to be a tight fit.

Now I’ve got her nice and wet, I intend taking my sweet fucking time. Fisting can be, hell, should be, unbearably intense, and, when done right, is absolutely out of this world. I should know I’ve been on the receiving end enough times to understand.

Learning this art, from both sides of the fence, in the company of a wonderful exponent of this fine art, Fenris, I know just what Sara is going to feel and I’m going to make sure she finds it as pleasurable as I usually do.

Thinking of the last time Michael had her hand inside me my stomach turns over with anticipation, and I feel the triplets kick. The jolt spurs me into action and I easily slide two fingers inside Sara’s waiting heat.

So wet, my girl easily accepts a third finger and I slide in and out with a steady rhythm I don’t want to take her too high just yet. No, now is the time to play her gently and slowly.

Sara sighs in pleasure and I up the ante a little by twisting my hand on the out stroke. Her sighs turn to whimpers as I manage to ease in all four of my fingers. This is the important time and I take time to kiss Sara’s sweet ass, stroking her slowly with my other hand. Light tapotement on her lumbar spine is often Sara’s undoing, so I tap gently in a maddening pattern, sometimes hard, causing Sara to gasp, but mostly gentle and loving.

Four fingers nestle deep in my girl and I tease her by pulling out completely. She gasps my name and I soothe her with a quiet purr.

“Relax, Babe, it’s coming soon enough.”

Reaching for the jelly-like lube, a concoction of Michael’s own design, I ease all four fingers back inside, folding my thumb inwards ready to pounce when the time is right.

Slowly, slowly, I stroke her towards an orgasm, every sinew of my forearm straining to feel the right moment. Leaning forward I can just manage, despite my bulge, to lick firmly over her throbbing clit. Here it comes, her pussy begins to grab my fingers, I tuck my thumb in quickly making a long straight fist, and between one wave and the next I slip through her barrier of bone and muscle.

Sara gasps and her head drops to the bed, before rearing up in a groan. I still my hand immediately; it’s intense for Sara, but hell it’s damn intense for me too. My already raging hormones sing at her submission and my pussy clenches in time with hers.

The hand deep inside Sara remains perfectly still while the other strokes her bangs. Drawing her eyes towards me I whisper, “You ok?”


Fuck, how she expects me to answer that with the tidal wave threatening to consume me whole, I don’t know. Yet, I know my daddy, she never asks a question lest she requires an answer.

“I’m good, just… you know.”

We share a loving smile and she nods her head.

“Tell me, Baby, tell me when you’re ready. Let your body tell me.”

Huh? Ready for what? More?

Slowly my heart rate settles down and I begin to feel the pressure of Dace’s fist deep inside me, fuck it feels strong. Never had this before, the control of my own pleasure; Dace waits and I know if I ask it she’ll withdraw. But I trust her, and hell it feels good, I thank God for my pelvic floor and squeeze tight around her invading fingers.

Her eyelids flutter open and I can see the depth of her desire for me.

She begins to move again, slowly; in and out, I think, but maybe to and fro. Whatever, the tidal wave grows ever higher; this is it, this is flying, higher, ever higher.

“Now, Daddy, now.”

Dace groans and thrusts deep, resting her chin on my raised ass.


I scream, buck, and bend; Dace follows me. Collapsing onto her distended belly I can feel the ripples of her own orgasm against my own belly, and a final explosive shockwave is ripped from me.

Slowly, comprehension returns and I can hear Dace whispering sweet nothings in my ear as she strokes my hair soothingly.

I raise my head and manage one of my patented gap tooth grins.

Dace smiles in return and offers her thanks.

I stroke her belly and feel the excited stirrings of three kittens. This night, first with Catherine, and now with my adored Dace, has affirmed my special place in this family.

I close my eyes, sore and exhausted, yet strangely replete.


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Ariestess: the origins of shatterstorm productionsariestess on 2nd July 2006 21:42 (UTC)
An announcement from the Emergency ShatterStorm Broadcasting System...



This is a message from the Emergency ShatterStorm Broadcasting System....

Currently, Shatterpath and Stormwriter are offline due to having their synapses thoroughly overloaded from the intense holyshithotness of this story.

Please stay tuned for further updates on their condition...




This is a message from the Emergency ShatterStorm Broadcasting System....
mrswoman: CD3mrswoman on 2nd July 2006 21:47 (UTC)
Re: An announcement from the Emergency ShatterStorm Broadcasting System...

Thank you, that, and this glass of wine, has made my weekend *g*
Jenn Shatterpath: CD with gunshatterpath on 3rd July 2006 00:21 (UTC)
All kidding aside, you truly left us incoherent. I can't remember anyone ever doing that to me under these kinds of circumstances. There's a part of me that's boggled that I moved you enough with these characters to produce such a great story. I look forward to incorprating this into a larger scene, though I sure won't have to do much work to it! You know my style I think even better than AJ.

On a similiar note, I hope you like what I did with the little Alex/Olivia snippet you sent me awhile back. It drasticly altered the final chapter of Ripples, and I'm quite thrilled with the results.

In case I haven't said it enough, we're THRILLED to have you on board!
mrswomanmrswoman on 5th July 2006 21:17 (UTC)
In case I haven't said it enough, we're THRILLED to have you on board!

In case I haven't said it enough, I'm THRILLED to be on board *g*
darandkerry: Sara with gundarandkerry on 3rd July 2006 13:09 (UTC)
mrswoman: CD2mrswoman on 5th July 2006 21:16 (UTC)
BTW: I hope that's a good whoa!?
Ariestessariestess on 9th April 2007 06:08 (UTC)
Adding this to the update going up later tonight...